Jörg Vogel, Director

Welcome to IMIB

The Institute for Molecular Infection Biology (IMIB) is an interdisciplinary research institution of the Medical Faculty, University of Würzburg, with strong links to the Faculty of Biology. Members of the institute investigate fundamental biological problems and molecular mechanisms, with a focus on pathogens and infectious disease processes. IMIB research involves studies of bacteria, parasites and fungi, as well as their eukaryotic host, and ranges from bacterial and eukaryotic cell biology and immunology to fundamental aspects of gene regulation and RNA biology. Furthermore, the institute is home to the four groups of the prestigious ZINF Young Investigator program of the interfaculty Research Center for Infectious Disease Research (ZINF) in Würzburg. Our scientists lecture university seminars and practical courses to biology, medical and dental students. Education of graduate students is valued at IMIB, and the institute is an active member of the international Graduate School of Life Sciences (GSLS) of the university. Following the successful start of IMIB in 1993 with Prof. Jörg Hacker as the founding director, Prof. Jörg Vogel has been chair of the institute since 2009.

May 2021
JMU Award for Dr. Jens Hör
We congratulate Jens Hör from the lab of Jörg Vogel for receiving the 2021 joint PhD award of the Lower Franconian Memorial Year Foundation for Science and the University of Würzburg for his PhD thesis titled “Discovery of RNA/protein complexes by Grad-seqread more...

April 2021
Würzburg scientists develop a new diagnostic for SARS-CoV2 based on discoveries in pathogenic bacteria
Based on their discovery of non-canonical guide RNAs of the CRISPR/Cas system in the foodborne-pathogen Campylobacter, the labs of Cynthia Sharma (IMIB) and Chase Beisel (HIRI) have developed a novel multiplex diagnostic technology that makes tests for corona and other pathogens much more efficient.
Their study was published in the journal "Science" on Tuesday 27 April, 2021. read more...