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Research Center for Infectious Diseases

Dr. Sina Bartfeld (Würzburg)
Promotion Committee:
Dr. Sina Bartfeld (Würzburg)
Prof. Dr. Thomas Rudel (Würzburg)
Dr. Armin Wiegering (Würzburg)
Dr. Bon-Kyong Koo (Cambridge)

Analysis of the immune and mucosal barrier functions along the gastrointestinal tract of mouse and human using organoids as a model 


The epithelial lining of the gastrointestinal tract functions as a physical and immunological barrier between the microbes of the gut and the body. The mucus secreted throughout the gastrointestinal tract acts as a physical barrier, while the signaling cascades of the immune system provide the first line of immunological defense. Up to now, the functionality of the signaling in living but untransformed primary epithelial cells of the whole gastrointestinal tract in mouse and human could not be analyzed. Recent advances in culturing of the stem cells isolated from adult epithelium enables culturing mini versions or the respective organs, called organoids.

After generating organoids from gastrointestinal tract of healthy humans and mice, I will systematically profile expression and functionality of the gastrointestinal barrier. Organoids will be infected with pathogens like Helicobacter pylori, and the resulting host responses will be monitored using RNA analysis and microscopy.