Fasemore Akinyemi Mandela   email

Prof. Dr. Thomas Dandekar (Würzburg)
Promotion Committee:
Prof. Dr. Thomas Dandekar (Würzburg)
Prof. Dr. Konrad Förstner (Köln)
PD. Dr. Dimitrios Frangoulidis (München)
Prof. Dr. Jörg Schultz (Würzburg)

Genomic and Internet based analysis of Coxiella burnetii

The project is a sub-project of the Q-GAPS consortium (www.q-gaps.de). We aim to establish a database with genomic typing data of 300 isolates of Coxiella burnetii. This database will be made accessible to the public including all epidemiological and anamnestic information of strains. The database will also include published whole genome sequences to provide a curated standard for all genomic based analyses (epidemiology, transcriptomics, virulence genes, molecular typing). A web-based interface will also be provided to allow the upload of newly generated genomic data and interactive real-time analyses. Newly produced typing data will be easily included in the database and installed tools will allow end users to compare genomic data directly and create maps and suitable phylogenetic trees. The database is part of a general information web page for C. burnetii/Q fever merging all relevant data from diagnostics, identification, epidemiology, therapy, typing and genomic analyses