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Prof. Dr. med. Lars Dölken (Würzburg)
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Prof. Dr. med. Lars Dölken (Würzburg)
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Interactome study of HSV-1

Herpesviruses are associated with multiple human disorders, ranging from mild symptoms such as cold sores to more severe such as cancers. Herpes simplex virus 1 (HSV-1) is an enveloped large dsDNA virus. It encodes around 75 proteins and viral gene expression is divided in immediate early, early and late phases. HSV-1 is able to produce lytic or latent infections depending on the host cell type. Lytic infections occur in a broad range of cells while latency is highly specific for neurons. The aim of this project is to insert a V5 tag into 50 HSV-1 ORFs of interest and to analyse protein-protein interactions (PPI) by mass spec. Work is already in progress for viral regulatory protein ICP22 (N and C terminus) and tegument protein UL36 (N terminus). Mass spec data will allow us to establish protein interaction networks which can be used as tool to prioritize candidate interactions for future experimental testing.