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Ramírez-Zavala B, Krüger I, Dunker C, Jacobsen ID, Morschhäuser J (2022)
The protein kinase Ire1 has a Hac1-independent essential role in iron uptake and virulence of Candida albicans

PLoS Pathog


Omran RP, Ramírez-Zavala B, Tebung WA, Yao S, Feng J, Law C, Dumeaux V, Morschhäuser J, Whiteway M (2022)
The zinc cluster transcription factor Rha1 is a positive filamentation regulator in Candida albicans

Ramírez-Zavala B, Mottola A, Krüger I, Morschhäuser J (2021)
A suppressor mutation in the β-subunit Kis1 restores functionality of the SNF1 complex in Candida albicans snf4D mutant


Mottola A, Ramírez-Zavala B, Hünniger K, Kurzai O, Morschhäuser J (2021)
The zinc cluster transcription factor Czf1 regulates cell wall architecture and integrity in Candida albicans

Mol Microbiol


Mottola A, Schwanfelder S, Morschhäuser J (2020)
Generation of viable Candida albicans mutants lacking the “essential” protein kinase Snf1 by inducible gene deletion
mSphere 5:e00805-20

Mayr E‑M, Ramírez-Zavala B, Krüger I, Morschhäuser J (2020)

A zinc cluster transcription factor contributes to the intrinsic fluconazole resistance of Candida auris

mSphere 5:e00279-20


Ruben S, Garbe E, Mogavero S, Albrecht-Eckardt D, Hellwig D, Häder A, Krüger T, Gerth K, Jacobsen ID, Elshafee O, Brunke S, Hünniger K, Kniemeyer O, Brakhage AA, Morschhäuser J, Hube B, Vylkova S, Kurzai O, Martin R. (2020)

Ahr1 and Tup1 contribute to the transcriptional control of virulence-associated genes in Candida albicans

mBio 11:e00206-20


Mottola A, Morschhäuser J (2019)

An intragenic recombination event generates a Snf4-independent form of the essential protein kinase Snf1 in Candida albicans

mSphere 4:e00352-19


Popp C, Ramírez-Zavala B, Schwanfelder S, Krüger I, Morschhäuser J (2019)

Evolution of fluconazole-resistant Candida albicans strains by drug-induced mating competence and parasexual recombination

mBio 10:e02740-18


Ramírez-Zavala B, Manz H, Englert F, Rogers PD, Morschhäuser J (2018)

A hyperactive form of the zinc cluster transcription factor Stb5 causes YOR1 overexpression and beauvericin resistance in Candida albicans

Antimicrob Agents Chemother 62:e01655-18


Allert S, Förster TM, Svensson C-M, Richardson JP, Pawlik T, Hebecker B, Rudolphi S, Juraschitz M, Schaller M, Blagojevic M, Morschhäuser J, Figge MT, Jacobsen ID, Naglik JR, Kasper L, Mogavero S, Hube B (2018)

Candida albicans-induced epithelial damage mediates translocation through intestinal barriers

mBio 9:e00915-18


Hampe IAI, Friedman J, Edgerton M, Morschhäuser J (2017)

An acquired mechanism of antifungal drug resistance simultaneously enables Candida albicans to escape from intrinsic host defenses

PLoS Pathog 13:e1006655


Popp C, Hampe IAI, Hertlein T, Ohlsen K, Rogers PD, Morschhäuser J (2017)

Competitive fitness of fluconazole-resistant clinical Candida albicans strains

Antimicrob Agents Chemother 61:e00584-17


Ramírez-Zavala B, Mottola A, Haubenreißer J, Schneider S, Allert S, Brunke S, Ohlsen K, Hube B, Morschhäuser J (2017)

The Snf1-activating kinase Sak1 is a key regulator of metabolic adaptation and in vivo fitness of Candida albicans

Mol Microbiol 104:989-1007


Ene IV, Lohse MB, Vladu AV, Morschhäuser J, Johnson AD, Bennett RJ (2016)

Phenotypic profiling reveals that Candida albicans opaque cells represent a metabolically specialized cell state compared to default white cells

mBio 7:e01269-16


Lohse MB, Ene IV, Craik VB, Hernday AD, Mancera E, Morschhäuser J, Bennett RJ, Johnson AD (2016)

Systematic genetic screen for transcriptional regulators of the Candida albicans white-opaque switch

Genetics 203:1679-1692


Tebung WA, Choudhury BI, Tebbji F, Morschhäuser J, Whiteway M (2016)

Rewiring of the Ppr1 zinc cluster transcription factor from purine catabolism to pyrimidine biogenesis in the Saccharomycetaceae

Curr Biol 26:1677-1687


Schneider S, Morschhäuser J (2015)

Induction of Candida albicans drug resistance genes by hybrid zinc cluster transcription factors

Antimicrob Agents Chemother 59:558-569


Ramírez-Zavala B, Mogavero S, Schöller E, Sasse C, Rogers PD, Morschhäuser J (2014)

SAGA/ADA complex subunit Ada2 is required for Cap1-, but not Mrr1-mediated upregulation of the Candida albicans multidrug efflux pump MDR1

Antimicrob Agents Chemother 58:5102-5110


Pannanusorn S, Ramírez-Zavala B, Lünsdorf H, Agerbert B, Morschhäuser J, Römling U (2014)

Characterization of biofilm formation and the role of BCR1 in clinical isolates of Candida parapsilosis

Eukaryot Cell 13:438-451.


Ramírez-Zavala B, Weyler M, Gildor T, Schmauch C, Kornitzer D, Arkowitz R, Morschhäuser J (2013)
Activation of the Cph1-dependent MAP kinase signaling pathway induces white-opaque switching in Candida albicans

PLoS Pathog

Schillig R, Morschhäuser J (2013)Analysis of a fungus-specific transcription factor family, the Candida albicans zinc cluster proteins, by artificial activationMol Microbiol 89:1003-1017.

Dunkel N, Hertlein T, Franz R, Reuß O, Sasse C, Schäfer T, Ohlsen T, Morschhäuser J (2013)

Role of different peptide transporters in nutrient acquisition in Candida albicans

Eukaryot Cell

Sasse C, Hasenberg M, Weyler M, Gunzer M, Morschhäuser J (2013)
White-opaque switching of Candida albicans allows immune evasion in an environment-dependent fashion

Eukaryot Cell

Sasse C, Dunkel N, Schäfer T, Schneider S, Dierolf F, Ohlsen K, Morschhäuser J (2012)
The stepwise acquisition of fluconazole resistance mutations causes a gradual loss of fitness in Candida albicans

Mol Microbiol

Sasse C, Schillig R, Reimund A, Merk J, Morschhäuser J (2012)
Inducible and constitutive activation of two polymorphic promoter alleles of the Candida albicans multidrug efflux pump MDR1

Antimicrob Agents Chemother

Schubert S, Popp C, Rogers PD, Morschhäuser J (2011)
Functional dissection of a Candida albicans zinc cluster transcription factor, the multidrug resistance regulator Mrr1

Eukaryot Cell

Schubert S, Barker KS, Znaidi S, Schneider S, Dierolf F, Dunkel N, Aid M, Boucher G, Rogers PD, Raymond M, Morschhäuser J (2011)
Regulation of efflux pump expression and drug resistance by the transcription factors Mrr1, Upc2, and Cap1 in Candida albicans

Antimicrob Agents Chemother

Mogavero S, Tavanti A, Senesi S, Rogers PD, Morschhäuser J (2011)
Differential requirement of the transcription factor Mcm1 for activation of the Candida albicans multidrug efflux pump MDR1 by its regulators Mrr1 and Cap1

Antimicrob Agents Chemother

Neuhäuser B, Dunkel N, Satheesh SV, Morschhäuser J (2011)
Role of the Npr1 kinase in ammonium transport and signaling by the ammonium permease Mep2 in Candida albicans

Eukaryot Cell

Dunkel N, Morschhäuser J (2011)
Loss of heterozygosity at an unlinked genomic locus is responsible for the phenotype of a Candida albicans sap4
D sap5D sap6D mutant
Eukaryot Cell

Heilmann CJ, Schneider S, Barker KS, Rogers PD, Morschhäuser J (2010)
An A643T mutation in the transcription factor Upc2p causes constitutive ERG11 upregulation and increased fluconazole resistance in Candida albicans

Antimicrob Agents Chemother

Dabas N, Schneider S, Morschhäuser J (2009)
Mutational analysis of the Candida albicans ammonium permease Mep2p reveals residues required for ammonium transport and signaling

Eukaryot Cell

Schubert S, Rogers PD, Morschhäuser J (2008)
Gain-of-function mutations in the transcription factor MRR1 are responsible for overexpression of the MDR1 efflux pump in fluconazole-resistant Candida dubliniensis strains

Antimicrob Agents Chemother

Dunkel N, Blass J, Rogers PD, Morschhäuser J (2008)

Mutations in the multi-drug resistance regulator MRR1, followed by loss of heterozygosity, are the main cause of MDR1 overexpression in fluconazole-resistant Candida albicans strains

Mol Microbiol

Dabas N, Morschhäuser J (2008)
A transcription factor regulatory cascade controls secreted aspartic protease expression in Candida albicans

Mol Microbiol

Dunkel N, Liu TT, Barker KS, Homayouni R, Morschhäuser J, Rogers PD (2008)
A gain-of-function mutation in the transcription factor Upc2p causes upregulation of ergosterol biosynthesis genes and increased fluconazole resistance in a clinical Candida albicans isolate

Eukaryot Cell

Ramírez-Zavala B, Reuß O, Park Y-N, Ohlsen K, Morschhäuser J (2008)
Environmental induction of white-opaque switching in Candida albicans

PLoS Pathog

Staib P, Lermann U, Blaß-Warmuth J, Degel B, Würzner R, Monod M, Schirmeister T, Morschhäuser J (2008)
Tetracycline-inducible expression of individual secreted aspartic proteases in Candida albicans allows isoenzyme-specific inhibitor screening

Antimicrob Agents Chemother

Morschhäuser J, Barker KS, Liu TT, Blaß-Warmuth J, Homayouni R, Rogers PD (2007)
The transcription factor Mrr1p controls expression of the MDR1 efflux pump and mediates multidrug resistance in Candida albicans

PLoS Pathog

Dabas N, Morschhauser J (2007)
Control of ammonium permease expression and filamentous growth by the GATA transcription factors GLN3 and GAT1 in Candida albicans

Eukaryot Cell

Hiller D, Stahl S, Morschhäuser J (2006)
Multiple cis-acting sequences mediate upregulation of the MDR1 efflux pump in a fluconazole-resistant clinical Candida albicans isolate

Antimicrob Agents Chemother

Bader T, Schröppel K, Bentink S, Agabian N, Köhler G, Morschhäuser J (2006)
Role of calcineurin in stress resistance, morphogenesis, and virulence of a Candida albicans wild-type strain

Infect Immun

Reuß O, Morschhäuser J (2006)
A family of oligopeptide transporters is required for growth of Candida albicans on proteins

Mol Microbiol

Hiller D, Sanglard D, Morschhäuser J (2006)
Overexpression of the MDR1 gene is sufficient to confer increased resistance to toxic compounds in Candida albicans

Antimicrob Agents Chemother


Park Y‑N, Morschhäuser J (2005)

Candida albicans MTLa tup1D mutants can reversibly switch to mating-competent, filamentous growth forms

Mol Microbiol 58:1288-1302

Park Y-N, Morschhäuser J (2005)
Tetracycline-inducible gene expression and gene deletion in Candida albicans

Eukaryot Cell

Biswas K, Morschhäuser J (2005)
The Mep2p ammonium permease controls nitrogen starvation-induced filamentous growth in Candida albicans

Mol Microbiol

Staib P, Morschhäuser J (2005)
Differential expression of the NRG1 repressor controls species-specific regulation of chlamydospore development in Candida albicans and Candida dubliniensis

Mol Microbiol

Reuß O, Vik A, Kolter R, Morschhäuser J (2004)
The SAT1 flipper, an optimized tool for gene disruption in Candida albicans


Staib P, Binder A, Kretschmar M, Nichterlein T, Schröppel K, Morschhäuser J (2004)
Tec1p-independent activation of a hypha-associated Candida albicans virulence gene during infection

Infect Immun

Bader T, Bodendorfer B, Schröppel K, Morschhäuser J (2003)
Calcineurin is essential for virulence in Candida albicans

Infect Immun

Michel S, Ushinsky S, Klebl B, Leberer E, Thomas D, Whiteway M, Morschhäuser J (2002)
Generation of conditional lethal Candida albicans mutants by inducible deletion of essential genes

Mol Microbiol

Staib P, Kretschmar M, Nichterlein T, Hof H, Morschhäuser J (2002)
Host versus in vitro signals and intrastrain allelic differences in the expression of a Candida albicans virulence gene

Mol Microbiol

Staib P, Kretschmar M, Nichterlein T, Hof H, Morschhäuser J (2002)
Transcriptional regulators Cph1p and Efg1p mediate activation of the Candida albicans virulence gene SAP5 during infection

Infect Immun

Wirsching S, Moran GP, Sullivan DJ, Coleman DC, Morschhäuser J (2001)
MDR1-mediated drug resistance in Candida dubliniensis

Antimicrob Agents Chemother

Strauß A, Michel S, Morschhäuser J (2001)
Analysis of phase-specific gene expression at the single-cell level in the white-opaque switching system of Candida albicans

J Bacteriol

Staib P, Moran GP, Sullivan DJ, Coleman DC, Morschhäuser J (2001)

Isogenic strain construction and gene targeting in Candida dubliniensis

J Bacteriol

Wirsching S, Michel S, Morschhäuser J (2000)
Targeted gene disruption in Candida albicans wild-type strains: the role of the MDR1 gene in fluconazole resistance of clinical Candida albicans isolates

Mol Microbiol

Staib P, Kretschmar M, Nichterlein T, Hof H, Morschhäuser J (2000)
Differential activation of a Candida albicans virulence gene family during infection

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A

Wirsching S, Michel S, Köhler G, Morschhäuser J (2000)
Activation of the multiple drug resistance gene MDR1 in fluconazole-resistant, clinical Candida albicans strains is caused by mutations in a trans-regulatory factor

J Bacteriol

Morschhäuser J, Michel S, Staib P (1999)
Sequential gene disruption in Candida albicans by FLP-mediated site-specific recombination

Mol Microbiol

Staib P, Kretschmar M, Nichterlein T, Köhler G, Michel S, Hof H, Hacker J, Morschhäuser J (1999)
Host-induced, stage-specific virulence gene activation in Candida albicans during infection

Mol Microbiol

Franz R, Kelly SL, Lamb DC, Kelly DE, Ruhnke M, Morschhäuser J (1998)
Multiple molecular mechanisms contribute to a stepwise development of fluconazole resistance in clinical Candida albicans strains

Antimicrob Agents Chemother


Review articles

Morschhäuser J (2016)
The development of fluconazole resistance in Candida albicans - an example of microevolution of a fungal pathogen

J Microbiol

Morschhäuser J (2010)
Regulation of white-opaque switching in Candida albicans

Med Microbiol Immunol

Morschhäuser J (2010)
Regulation of multidrug resistance in pathogenic fungi

Fungal Genet Biol 47:94-106