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Four institutions at the University of Wuerzburg are collaborating in a decentral core facility to perfom FACS Aria III Cell analysis and sorting for all interested researchers of the University.

IMIB - Institut für Molekulare Infektionsbiologie
Josef-Schneider-Str. 2/D15
97080 Würzburg

LfMB - Lehrstuhl für Mikrobiologie
Biozentrum der
Universität Würzburg
Am Hubland
97074 Würzburg

RVZ - Rudolf-Virchow-Zentrum
Universität Würzburg
Josef-Schneider-Str. 2/D15
97080 Würzburg

VIM - Institut für Virologie und Immunbiologie
Versbacher Straße 7
97078 Würzburg
IZKF core unit



The flow cytometry instruments provide comprehensive and technically sophisticated cell analysis and sorting services.
All locations are equipped with state of the art sorters and have the capacity to run many advanced flow cytometry applications, i. e.:
  multi-color immunofluorescence
    DNA cell cycle analysis
    procaryotic and eukaryotic cell sorting

An important difference between the machines is which lasers are present and which colors are detectable. Two of the machines are located in S2 (L2) laboratories and can be used preferentially for pathogenic material (IMIB, LMB).  Two sorters are preferentially used for immunological research and diagnostics VIM, RVZ). More details regarding the difference between the machines are listed  in Equipment.