Invited Speakers - Mikrobiologisches Kolloquium from 2015-2010

15 Dec 2015      Jeanne Salje Mahidol | Oxford Tropical Medicine Research Unit, Bangkok
Orientia tsutsugamushi: a major human pathogen in tropical South East Asia and an intriguing model organism for studying host-pathogen cell biology   

08 Dec 2015      Salomé Leibundgut-Landmann | University of Zürich
Antifungal defense at mucosal barriers

01 Dec 2015      Per Ljungdahl | Stockholm University
The cell biology of extracellular amino acid sensing in yeast      

03 Nov 2015      Kai Thormann | University of Giessen
Bacterial cells getting organized - how to place flagella 

10 Nov 2015      Melanie Blokesch | EPFL, Lausanne
Killing for DNA - the type VI secretion system of Vibrio cholerae fosters horizontal gene transfer

17 Nov 2015      Sigal Ben-Yehuda | Hebrew University
New concepts in bacterial intercellular interactions      

24 Nov 2015      Jacques Neefjes | Netherlands Cancer Institute, Amsterdam
How Salmonella causes gallbladder carcinoma in India: an example of cancer initiation by pathogens     

27 Oct 2015       Julia Frick | University of Tübingen
Host microbe interaction in chronic inflammatory diseases

14 July 2015        Gabriela Krasteva-Christ | Wuerzburg University
The bitter and sweet taste of infection

07 July 2015         Till Voss | Swiss Tropical & Public Health Institute, Basel
Epigenetic gene regulation facilitates immune evasion and transmission of malaria parasites

30 June 2015        Susanne Hartmann | Freie Universität Berlin
Immunoregulation: Lessons from parasitic nematodes

23 June 2015        Denise Monack | Stanford School of Medicine
The yin and yang of chronic Salmonella infections

09 June 2015        Peter Turnbaugh | UCSF, San Francisco
Predicting and preventing the metabolism of drugs by the human gut microbiome

02 June 2015         Lars Dölken | University of Würzburg
High resolution gene expression profiling - New insights into herpesvirus host cell modulation

26 May 2015         Katharina Gaus  | University of New South Wales | Australia
Molecular insights into the regulation of T cell signalling

19 May 2015         Han Remaut | VIB / Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Forming amyloid fibrils: the bacterial way

05 May 2015         Petr Broz | Biocenter, University of Basel
Sensing the enemy within: Innate Immune detection of intracellular bacteria

28 April 2015       Andreas Peschel | University of Tübingen
Staphylococcus aureus - from commensal to killer bug

21 April 2015       Percy Knolle | Technical University Munich
The liver in T cell immunity against viral infection

14 April 2015       Carol Kumamoto | Tufts University, Boston
?Candida albicans: Sensing the host environment?

27 Jan 2015           Johannes Hegemann | Heinrich-Heine University, Düsseldorf
Host cell entry by Chlamydia

20 Jan 2015          Tim Gilberger | Bernhard-Nocht-Institute for Tropical Medicine, Hamburg
Red blood cell invasion by the malaria parasite

13 Jan 2015          Thomas Meyer | Max Planck Institute for Infection Biology, Berlin
Towards an understanding of bacterial carcinogenesis!

16 Dec 2014         Alexander Goesmann | Justus-Liebig-University, Giessen
Bioinformatics tools for next-generation sequencing data analysis

09 Dec 2014         Ralph Isberg| Tufts University School of Medicine,Boston|
Microbial community behavior during growth in deep tissue sites

25 Nov 2014        Wolf-Dietrich Hardt | ETH Zürich
Salmonella diarrhea: how the pathogen invades the gut ecosystem

18 Nov 2014        Constance Ciaudo | ETH Zürich
Multiple functions of the RNAi pathway in mouse embryonic stem cells

11 Nov 2014        August Stich | Medical Mission Hospital, Würzburg
Do microbes have the last word? The example of Ebola

04 Nov 2014        Lucas Jae | The Netherlands Cancer Institute, Amsterdam
Hemorrhagic Fever Virus entry deciphered by haploid genetics

28 Oct 2014          Jeroen Raes | KU Leuven
Studying the human microbiome using metagenomics

21 Oct 2014        Richard Bennett | Brown University, Providence
Mechanisms of Genetic and Epigenetic Variation in Candida albicans

08 July 2014         Judith Berman | Tel Aviv University              
Dynamic ploidy change and the rapid appearance of drug resistance

01 July 2014         Rainer Haas | Max von Pettenkofer Institut, LMU München   
Helicobacter pylori-host interactions: role of the vacuolating cytotoxin and the cag-Type IV secretion system

24 June 2014       Urs Greber | University of Zürich
Decoding the Cell – Insights from Virus-Host Interactions

17 June 2014       Christine Clayton | Heidelberg University   
Networks of gene expression regulation in trypanosomes

10 June 2014    Constantin Urban | UmeÃ¥ University    
Mass matters: Interaction studies of fungal pathogens with host cells

03 June 2014    Till Strowig | Helmholz Centre for Infection Research, Braunschweig
Intestinal microbiota and local inflammatory responses           

27 May 2014     Sara Lustigman | The Lindsley F. Kimball Research Center, The New York Blood Center   
Development of a novel parasite-derived protein adjuvant for vaccine sparing

20 May 2014     Jean-Pierre Gorvel | Centre d'Immunologie de Marseille-Luminy 
Brucella infection, from bench to bed side

13 May 2014     Feng Shao | National Institute of Biological Sciences, Beijing  
Biochemical dissection of bacterial virulence and macrophage innate immunity

06 May 2014         Kristine Arnvig | MRC National Institute for Medical Research, Mill Hill 
Regulatory RNA in Mycobacterium tuberculosis-still in the dark ages?

29 April 2014        Sam Alsford | London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine 
High-throughput phenotyping in Trypanosoma brucei - or how the parasite contributes to its own demise

15 April 2014        Paul Fey | University of Nebraska Medical Center        
Amino acid metabolism in Staphylococcus aureus and its relevance in infection

08 April 2014        Matthew Berriman | Welcome Trust Sanger Institute, Cambridge
Comparative and functional genomics of parasitic helminths

28 Jan 2014           Jacques Schrenzel | University Geneva
S. aureus, a sticky bug?        

04 Feb 2014           Luis Serrano | Centre for Genomic Regulation, Barcelona
Quantitative systems understanding of a model bacterium: Mycoplasma pneumoniae

21 Jan 2014            Kim Kline | Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Stealth strategies of Enterococcus faecalis

14 Jan 2014            Kim Orth | UT Southwestern, Dallas            
Black Spot, Black Death, Black Pearl: The Tales of Bacterial Effectors

07 Jan 2014            Boris Turk | J. Stefan Institute, Ljubljana    
Protease signaling: cysteine cathepsins and their regulation

17 Dec 2013           Jan Rehwinkel | University of Oxford 
Finding (& fighting) the enemy within: how RIG-I and SAMHD1 detect and protect against viruses

09 Dec 2013           Muhamed-Kheir Taha | Institut Pasteur, Paris    
Use of transgenic animal models to explore meningococcal virulence

26 Nov 2013           Maria Mota | Institute of Molecular Medicine, Lisbon     
Host-Plasmodium interactions: understanding to intervene

19 Nov 2013          Stefan Niemann | Leibniz Research Centre, Borstel
Whole genome analysis for understanding transmission and evolution of M. tuberculosis

12 Nov 2013           Abdelaziz Heddi | INSA de Lyon             
Immunity in Insect Symbiosis   

05 Nov 2013           Soeren Molin | Technical University of Denmark, Kongens Lyngby
How microbes adapt to new environments – what we have learned from opportunistic
bacterial colonization of human airways

29 Oct 2013            Alexander Elsholz | Harvard University              
A novel quorum-sensing mechanism for exopolysaccharide synthesis in bacteria

22 Oct 2013            Matthias Horn | University of Vienna
Chlamydiae in the environment - how the analysis of non-model organisms can challenge long-standing knowledge

15 Oct 2013       Aaron Mitchell | Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh   
Two vignettes in Candida albicans infection biology

16 July 2013      Xavier Nassif | University Paris Descartes
Meningococcemia more than a Gram negative infection

09 July 2013      Mohamed-Ali-Hakimi | UIF-Grenoble
Toxoplasma gondii secretes an armada of effector proteins to co-opt its host cell - transcriptome and microRNome to promote sustained parasitism

02 July 2013      Guy Tran Van Nhieu | CIRB, Paris
Calcium signals and cytoskeletal remodeling during Shigella invasion of epithelial cells

25 June 2013     Vojo Deretic | University of New Mexico
Autophagy in infection, inflammation, and immunity

11 June 2013     Jörgen Johansson | Umea University
Regulatory circuits in Listeria monocytogenes

4 June 2013      Conference at the IMIB
Regulating RNA in Bacteria

28 May 2013     Olaf Groß | TU Munich
Inflammasomes – beyond IL-1β

21 May 2013     Vladimir Pelicic | Imperial College London
DNA-binding type IV pilins as modulators of horizontal gene exchange during natural transformation

14 May 2013     Ralph Bartenschlager | University Hospital of Heidelberg
On the complexities of interactions between the hepatitis C virus and its host cell

07 May 2013     Klaus Erb | Boehringer Ingelheim
Pathogen derived products for the treatment of allergic disorders: balancing inflammation with immune regulation

30 April 2013    Liam Good | University of London
RNA Silencing in Bacteria and a Novel Method for Cellular Delivery of Biopharmaceuticals

23 April 2013    Richard Ffrench-Constant | University of Exeter
Photorhabdus: shedding light on symbiosis and pathogenesis using
a bacterium-nematode-insect model

16 April 2013    Christiane Wolz | University Hospital of Tübingen
Interplay of the stringent control and other regulatory circuits
to control virulence and survival of Staphylococcus aureus

05 Feb 2013   Inigo Lasa | UPNA-CISC, Navarra, Spain
Lessons from the Staphylococcus aureus transcriptome

29  Jan 2013   Dirk Haller | TU Munich
Mechanisms of microbe-host interactions for chronic inflammation in the gut

22  Jan 2013   Mathias Herrmann | Saarland University  Hospital, Homburg
Disease mechanisms in Staphylococcus aureus endovascular infection 

15  Jan 2013    Gunther Hartmann | University Hospital, Bonn
RIG-I: a key immune sensor of RNA

08  Jan 2013 Dr. Kay Johswich | University of Toronto, Canada
Of mice and meningococci: The potential of humanized mouse models

08  Jan 2013 Sten Linnarsson | Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden
Quantitative analysis of single-cell transcription  

18  Dec 2012   Karl Kuchler | Medical University Vienna, Austria
Molecular Mechanisms of Fungal Pathogenesis & Host Immune Response - A Tale of Action, Reaction and Over-Reaction

11  Dec 2012   Jan Rupp | University of Lübeck
The impact of a low oxygen environment on host-pathogen interactions

04  Dec 2012   Raphael Valdivia | Duke University Medical Center, Durham, USA
NextGen approaches to tackle the biology of genetically "intractable" microbial pathogens

27  Nov 2012    Martin Thanbichler | MPI Marburg
Compartmentalization of bacterial cells by protein diffusion barriers

20  Nov 2012   Hubert Hilbi | LMU Munich
Pathogen vacuole formation in phagocytes - the Legionella paradigm

13  Nov 2012    Jeremy Mottram | University of Glasgow, UK
Cell death and autophagy in Leishmania

06  Nov 2012   Mathias Hornef | MH Hannover
Innate immune recognition and antimicrobial host response by the intestinal epithelium     

30 Oct 2012   Konstantin Severinov | Waksman Institute of Microbiology, Rutgers, USA
Small RNA-based adaptive immunity in bacteria 

16 Oct 2012   Florian Greten | TU Munich
Cell plasticity, stemness and microflora - novel aspects in the inflammatory microenvironment of colon cancer 

17 July 2012 Rasika Harshey | University of Texas, Austin
Moving on a surface: trials, tribulations and triumphs

03 July 2012  Tâm Mignot | CNRS, Marseille
How do complex macromolecular machines evolve? Insights from the newly discovered surface motility machinery in Myxococcus

26 June 2012  Matthias Machner | NIH, Bethesda
A master manipulator of host cell membrane traffic

19 June 2012  Christof Hauck | University of Konstanz
CEA-family glycoproteins as facilitators of mucosal colonization by bacteria

12 June 2012 Jose-Juan Lopez Rubio | Institut Pasteur, Paris
Antigenic variation in P. falciparum: from epigenetic regulation to the
generation of diversity

05 June 2012  Victor Sourjik | ZMBH, Heidelberg
Self-assembly and partitioning of multi protein complexes inbacteria

29 May 2012  NassosTypas | EMBL, Heidelberg
From systems microbiology to molecular mechanism

22 May 2012  Jean-Marc Ghigo | InstitutPasteur, Paris
Airborne interactions mediated by volatile molecules produced by bacterial communities

15 May 2012  Christine Josenhans | MH, Hannover
Lessons from Epsilon proteobacteria: how to sense energy levels in an extracellular host environment

08 May 2012  Kim Lewis | NortheasternUniversity, Boston
Dormancy rules: persister cells and uncultured microorganisms

24 April 2012  José Penadés | CSIC, Spain
Phage dUTPases control transfer of staphylococcal pathogenicity islands by a proto-oncogenic G-protein like mechanism

17 April 2012  Craig Roy | Yale School of Medicine, USA
Subversion of Rab1 function by Legionella pneumophila

28 February 2012 Fritz Melchers | MPI for Infection Biology, Berlin
Microenvironmental guidance of B lymphocyte development

07 Feb 2012   Anne Müller | University of Zürich, Switzerland
Pathogenicand immunomodulatory properties of Helicobacter pylori govern
disease outcome in gastrointestinaland allergicdisease models

31 Jan 2012   PARASITOLOGY DAY, starting at 5 p.m., lecture hall

24 Jan 2012   Marc Bramkamp | University of Köln, Germany
Chromosome segregation and division in actinobacteria

17 Jan 2012   Dirk Hofreuter | University of Hannover, Germany
What makes Campylobacter jejuni thrive: food for a food-borne pathogen

10 Jan 2012   Angelika Grundling | Imperial College London, UK
Lipoteichoic acid synthesis in Gram-positive bacteria and how S. aureus
manages to survive without it

20 Dec 2011   Andreas Bäumler | University of California, USA
Food from the fire: how the host response feeds Salmonella
13 Dec 2011   John McKinney | EPFL Lausanne, Switzerland
Individuality of bacterial responses to fluctuating environments

06 Dec 2011   Alistair Brown | Aberdeen, UK
Adapt or die - How a fungal pathogen adapts to its host

29 Nov 2011   Petra Dersch | HZI Braunschweig, Germany
How Yersiniae promote and control entry into human cells

22 Nov 2011   Martin Heisenberg | RVZ Würzburg, Germany
How behavior can be free. - Brain research on the fly Drosophila melanogaster

15 Nov 2011  Jorge Galan | Yale University, USA
Type III secreation at work - Interaction of Salmonella within host cells

08 Nov 2011   Peter Brodersen | University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Coupling of RNA silencing and innate immunity pathways in plants

25 Oct 2011   David Holden | Imperial College  London, UK
Subversion of host cell functions by Salmonella

18 Oct 2011   Friedrich Götz | University of Tübingen, Germany
Staphylococcus aureus: stimulation of and response to innate immunity

26 July 2011 Kumara Ramamurthi | NIH Bethesda, USA
'Morphogenesis of large structures during development'

12 July 2011  Heike Broetz-Oesterheld | Universität Düsseldorf, Germany
'Over-activation instead of inhibition - the novel mechanistic principle of acyldepsipeptide antibiotics'

21 June 2011  Berenike Maier | Universität Münster, Germany
'Force generation by bacterial pili'

14 June 2011  Steffen Backert | UCD University College Dublin, Ireland
'Role of the actin-binding protein cortactin in host pathogen interactions'

07 June 2011  Ferric Fang | University of Washington, USA
'Salmonella: A Window Into Biology'

31 May 2011  Patrick Cramer | Genzentrum München, Germany
"Gene transcription: molecular movies of dynamic systems"

24 May 2011  Jos van Strijp | UMC Utrecht, The Netherlands
'Staphylococcal immune evasion'

17 May 2011  Jörg Stülke | Universität Göttingen, Germany
'Virulence determinants of Mycoplasma pneumoniae, the minimal pathogen'

10 May 2011 Ruth Schmitz-Streit | Universität Kiel, Germany
'The nitrogen regulation in Methanoarchea:The archeal way?'

03 May 2011  Eric Masse | Université de Sherbrooke, Canada

08 February 2011 | Dr. Franz Narberhaus

01 Februar2010 |Dr. Isabel Delany | Novartis Sienna, Italy
'Control of antigen expression in Neisseria meningitidis'

25 January 2010 | Dr. Duccio Medini  | Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics Siena, Italy
'Population genomics of bacteria: the role of restriction modification in the Neisseria meningitidis population structure and dynamics'