RNA Seminar & Microbiological Colloquium

Seminar room 01.002-004, Josef Schneider Str. 2/ Bau D15
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RNA Seminar & Microbiological Seminar
D15.01.002-004; Starting time 5 pm

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Jan 8 - RNA Seminar
Ciarán Condon | CNRS Paris
Controlling RNA stability in Bacillus subtilis

Jan 15 - Microbiology Colloquium
Man-Wah Tan |Genentech Inc. San Francisco
Inspired by Nature: Engineering natural products and antibodies to treat infections

Jan 22 starting at 4.30 pm
RNA Seminar
Peter Nielsen | University of Copenhagen
A Future of Genetic Antibiotics – Antibacterial properties of antisense peptide nucleic acids (PNA)-peptide conjugates
Thorsten Stafforst | University of Tübingen
Engineering Tools for Site-specific RNA Manipulation

Jan 29 - Microbiology Colloquium
Robert Fagan | University of Sheffield
Cracking a difficult crystal shell: dissecting S-layer structure and function

Feb 5 - RNA Seminar
Noam Stern-Ginossar | Weizmann Institute of Science, Jerusalem
Post-transcriptional Control of Host Gene Expression During Viral infection



In the past:

Dec 18 - RNA Seminar
Susan Carpenter |University of California
UC Santa Cruz How do long noncoding RNAs contribute to inflammation?

Dec 11 - RNA Seminar (Speaker changed)
Simone Backes | Virology of Wuerzburg
The roles of small non-coding RNAs during virus infection

Dec 4 - Microbiology Colloquium
Peter Redder |Centre of Integrative Biology, Toulouse
RNA Decay in Staphylococcus: Global scale and Molecular Detail

Nov 20 - Microbiology Colloquium

Gunnar Hansson
| University of Gothenburg
The MUC2 Mucin and the Inner Mucus Layer as an Innate Immune Mechanism that Inhibits Inflammation and Ulcerative Colitis - Similarities to Chronic Lung Diseases

Nov 27 - RNA Seminar
Blake Wiedenheft |Montana State University
Evolutionary outcomes of CRISPR-anti-CRISPR conflict

Nov 13 - RNA Seminar
Demian Cazalla
| University of Utah
Lessons from viruses: a novel function for Sm-class RNAs

Nov 6 - Microbiology Colloquium
John D. MacMicking |Yale University, West Haven
Cell-autonomous Immunity to Infection: The art of self-defense.

Oct 16 - RNA Seminar
Fabian Theis Helmholtz Zentrum München
Machine learning in single cell genomics

Oct 23 - Microbiology Colloquium
Harry Low |Imperial College London
Architecture of a bacterial type II secretion system

Oct 30 - RNA Seminar
Renate König | Paul-Ehrlich-Institute, Langen
New insights into innate sensing and restriction of HIV-1

July 10 - Microbiology Colloquium
Jörg Overmann | DSMZ, Braunschweig   
Elucidating novel functions in microbial dark matter

June 26 - Microbiology Colloquium
Bernhard Krismer | Tübingen University 
Bacterial way of life in the human nose - a story about Staphylococcus aureus and its competitors

June 12 - Microbiology Colloquium
Caroline Genco | TUFTS University, Medford / Somerville            
Distinct gonococcal gene signatures expressed during human mucosal infection in men & women

June 5  - Microbiology Colloquium
Gilad Bachrach | Hebrew University Hadassah, Jerusalem           
From tooth to tumor, cancer acceleration by Fusobacterium nucleatum. Did you floss today?

May 29 - Microbiology Colloquium
Manuel Amieva | Stanford University    
Should we be looking for the bacterial stem cell compartment? Lessons from Helicobacter pylori

May 22 - RNA Seminar
Lingling Chen | Shanghai Institute of Biochemistry & Cell Biology          
The diversity of long noncoding RNAs, their generation and function

May 8 - RNA Seminar
Helge Grosshans | FMI for Biomedical Research, Basel   
Cell fate control through post-transcriptional regulation and oscillatory gene expression

April 24 - RNA Seminar
Claus-Dieter Kuhn | Bayreuth University
The role of piRNAs in planarian regeneration

April 17 - Microbiology Colloquium
Mathias Hornef | University Hospital Aachen     
The neonatal window of opportunity: age-dependent factors of enteric host-microbial homeostasis

April 10 - RNA Seminar
Henrik Ørum | CiVi Biopharma; RNA therapeutics - the long road to success

06 Feb 18     Rob Lavigne | KU Leuven
Hijacking Pseudomonas: using phage to develop new antibacterial design strategies and biotechnological applications

30 Jan 18    Karl Forchhammer | University of Tübingen
Prepared for awakening: the resuscitation program of a dormant cyanobacterium 

23 Jan 18     BirgittaHenriques-Normark | KarolinskaInstitute Stockholm
Pneumococcal interactions with the host

16 Jan 18     Dominique Sanglard | University of Lausanne
A journey through fungal cell functions by antifungal drug resistance mechanisms

09 Jan 18      Martin Simon | University of SaarlandSmall RNA pathways in Paramecium: Environmental RNAi by bacterial RNA and non-Mendelian inheritance of gene expression pattern

19 Dec 17     Rolf Müller | Helmholz Institute for Pharmaceutical Research Saarland (HIPS)
Basic microbiology, chemistry and synthetic biotechnology to identify and characterize antibiotics from microbes

12 Dec 17     Marek Basler | Biocenter Basel
Structure, function and dynamics of Type VI secretion systems

05 Dec 17    Andrew Koh | University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
Role of the Gut Microbiome in Modulating Host Immune Function in Cancer and Stem Cell Transplant Patients

28 Nov 17    Kenn Gerdes | University of Copenhagen
Activation of the Bacterial Stringent Response

21 Nov 17    Dominic Grün | MPI Freiburg
Revealing cell fate bias of multipotent hematopoietic progenitors with single-cell RNA-seq

14 Nov 17    Franziska Faber | Helmholz Centre for Infection Research
Respiration of a microbial fermentation product drives Salmonella expansion during colitis                            

07 Nov 17           Eva Medina | HZI Braunschweig
Deciphering the cross-talk between Staphylococcus aureus and the host during real infection

24 Oct 17            Rick Peek | University of Vanderbilt
Enabling Relationships in H. pylori-induced Gastric Cancer

18 July 17            Wolfgang Hammerschmidt| Helmholz Center Münich         
The first days in the life of a human B cell infected with Epstein-Barr virus

11 July 17            David Rogers | University of Tennessee, Memphis
Molecular mechanisms of azole antifungal resistance

04  July 17           Christopher Weidenmaier | University Hospital Tübingen
Bacterial cell wall polymers-key players in colonization and infection and targets for novel anti-virulence strategies

27 June 17           Wenxia Song | University of Maryland, College Park            
The mystery of Neisseria gonorrhoeae infection in the female reproductive tract

21 June  17          Philippe Sansonetti | Institut Pasteur, Paris            
Bacterial pathogenesis in the microbiome era

13 June 17           Bon-Kyoung Koo | University of Cambridge
Two types of stomach stem cells for the homeostatic turnover of gastric corpus glands

06 June 17           Luísa Figueiredo | Instituto de Medicina Molecular, Lisbon
Circadian control of gene expression in trypanosoma parasites

30 May  17          Patrick Viollier | University of Geneva       
From cell cycle to polarity control and back

23 May 17           Andrew Goodman | Yale School of Medicine, New Haven
Microbiome offense and defense

16 May 17           Teresa Carlomagno | Leibniz University Hannover
RNA-protein complexes in RNA metabolism: An integrative structural biology approach

09 May  17          Lucy Glover | Institut Pasteur, Paris
Antigenic variation in African trypanosomes

02 May 17           Oliver Kurzai | University of Würzburg
Innate immune responses in invasive fungal infections

25 April 17       Magnus Steigedal | NTNU, Trondheim
Role of Type VII-secretion in mycobacterial iron uptake

07 Feb 2017       Georg Zeller | European Molecular Biology Laboratory, Heidelberg
A meta-analysis of colorectal cancer microbiome studies

31 Jan 2017       Bruce Geller | Oregon State University, Corvallis
Gene-specific antibacterial oligomers

24 Jan 2017       Susanne Häußler | Helmholz Centre for Infection Research, Braunschweig
Treatment challenges of Pseudomonas aeruginosa infections

17 Jan 2017       Peter Sebo | Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague
The comeback of pertussis and the WHY and HOW of B. pertussis adenylate cyclase toxin

10 Jan 2017       Dörte Becher | University of Greifswald
Microbial proteomics – new methods and applications

13 Dec 2016      Hans-Peter Beck | Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute, Basel
Exported proteins and their importance for morbidity in Plasmodium falciparum malaria

06 Dec 2015      Liz Sockett | University of Nottingham
Predatory processes for Gram negative bacterial invasion by Bdellovibrio bacteriovorus

29 Nov 2016      Malcolm Whiteway | Concordia University, Montreal  
Transcriptional rewiring in the ascomycetes

22 Nov 2016      Sebastian Zeißig | University Hospital Dresden
Microbial control of intestinal tumor development

15 Nov 2016      Jan Maarten van Dijl | University of Groningen
Towards non-invasive real-time imaging of bacterial infections

25 Oct 2016       Alexander Johnson | University of California, San Francisco
How transcription networks evolve and produce biological novelty

08 Nov 2016      Carmen Buchrieser | Institut Pasteur, Paris
Legionella pneumophila: Organelle targeting during infection, an important host subversion strategy

24 Oct 2016     Scott Gray-Owen  | University of Toronto
Sweet Heat: Tactical Immune Triggering Promotes Infection and Disease by the Pathogenic Neisseria

18 Oct 2016       Martin Turner | Babraham Institute, Cambridge
Regulation of lymphocyte differentiation by RNA binding proteins

12 July 2016 | Barbara Bröker | University of Greifswald
Adaptive immunity to Staphylococcus aureus – protective and pathogenic potential

05 July 2016        Marc Hübner | University Hospital Bonn
Helminth infections and their impact on lifestyle diseases

28 June 2016        Jan Wehkamp | University Hospital Tübingen
Intestinal antimicrobial host defence strategies as a target for future therapies of chronic inflammation

07 June 2016        Sébastien Pfeffer | Institut de Biologie Moléculaire et Cellulaire, Strasbourg                  
Regulation of RNA silencing processes by viruses

24 May 2016        Jessica Brown | University of Utah, Salt Lake City
Strategies to combat neuroinvasion by the opportunistic fungal pathogen Cryptococus neoformans

17 May 2016        Robert Arkowitz | Institute of Biology Valrose, Nice   
Roles of phosphatidylinositol phosphates during fungal filamentous growth

03 May 2016        Isabelle Bekeredjian-Ding | Paul-Ehrlich-Institut, Langen
A closer look at the adaptive immune response to Staphylococcus aureus

26 April 2016       Theresia Stradal | Helmholz Centre for Infection Research, Braunschweig
Signalling to actin dynamics during infection and pathogen defense

12 April 2016       Vanessa Sperandio | UT Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas
Enterohemorrhagic E. coli sings: Pour some sugar on me!

26 Jan 2016       Dirk Bumann | University of Basel
Heterogeneity of Salmonella virulence and control during infection


19 Jan 2016       Laurence Arbibe | Institut Necker Enfants Malades, Paris
Targeting of chromatin readers: an epigenetic strategy used by the enteropathogen Shigella flexneri

12 Jan 2016       Olivia Steele-Mortimer | Rocky Mountain Laboratories, NIH
Salmonella on the brain. A mouse model for Gram negative bacterial meningitis