RNA Seminar

D15.01.002-004; Starting time 5 pm



in the past:

7 February 2023  Anton Enright | Universtity of Cambridge
Analysis of microRNA expression using direct RNA nanopore sequencing

31 January 2023 | Petr Chlanda | Uinversity of Heidelberg
Title of the talk:
Minimal structural components of the SARS-CoV-2 pore and assembling virions

24 January 2023 | Sara Richter |Department of Molecular Medicine, University of Padua
Title of the talk:
Presence and targeting of G-quadruplexes in viruses

17 January 2023 |Troesl Scheel | Institute of Virology, University of Copenhagen
Title of the talk:
A novel RNA 5’ cap protects viral RNA from innate immune responses

10 January 2023 | Andrzej Dziembowski | IIMCB (University of Warsaw)
Title of the talk:
Poly(A) tails of endogenous and therapeutic mRNAs in the context of innate and adaptive immune response”

13 December 2022 | Dina Grohmann | University of Regensburg
Title of the talk:
The importance of molecular plasticity and rare states in RNA biology