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Organoids as host models
Organoids are generated from adult stem cells. We isolate the stem cells from patient material. Placed in the right culture conditions, they grow into 3D mini versions of the organs they are generated from. We use them to study infectious diseases and cancer development.

PhD and postdoc position

Applications are invited for a PhD student position or a Postdoc position in the ZINF Young investigator group "Organoids as host models" in Würzburg, Germany. We aim to better understand the human gut, its barrier function and the interaction with pathogens. Our group uses human stem cell-derived organoids as model for the human gut and we combine this technology with system-wide approaches such as RNA-seq and targeted approaches such as CRISPR/Cas9 mediated knockout.  

The project aims to characterize the host target cell for Helicobacter pylori. Applicants should have a M.Sc/Diplom degree and a strong background at least in one of the following fields: Host-pathogen interactions, innate immunity, signalling, stem cell biology, tissue engineering. Knowledge of CRISPR/Cas9, single cell RNA-seq analysis, or FACS will be advantageous too.

We welcome applications from suitably qualified people from all sections of the community regardless of race, gender or disability. The University aims to increase the proportion of female employees, therefore applications from qualified women are particularly welcome. Preference will be given to people with disabilities in the case of otherwise equal aptitude. Please send applications including a cover letter, CV and contact information of references as a single PDF file via email to

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We also welcome applications for ERASMUS and Masters thesis.